08 Apr 2021

Azure Service Level Agreement Uptime

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If you purchased a service from a reseller, you will receive a service credit directly from your dealer and the reseller will receive a service credit directly from us. The service credit is based on the estimated selling price of the service concerned, which we have set at our discretion. A Service Level Agreement or SLA is a formal document that contains certain conditions that indicate the level of service available to a client. Microsoft`s Azure-SLA defines three key features of the Azure service, performance goals, operating time and connectivity guarantees. It should be noted that the free and common levels of many services do not come with ALS. Advisor is a free service, so it has no financially supported ALS. Azure Cosmos DB is the database service distributed worldwide with several Microsoft models. It offers turnkey global distribution across any number of Azure regions, resizing and replicating your data seamlessly, wherever your users are. The service offers 99.99% full SLAs, covering debit, consistency, availability and latency guarantees for Cosmos DB database accounts, limited to a single Azure region, configured with one of five consistency levels or database accounts, that span multiple Azure regions and are configured with one of four relaxed consistency levels.

Azure Cosmos DB allows you to set up multiple Azure regions as stopping points for a database account. In this configuration, Cosmos DB offers 99.999% SLA for read and writing availability. The “assist window” refers to the period during which a service function or compatibility with a separate product or service is supported. Azure Monitor now integrates Log Analytics and Application Insights functions to monitor your app. You can continue to use Log Analytics and Application Insights as standalone services if you wish. See their respective SLAs below. Azure Container Registry is a free service, so it does not have an ALS with financial support. However, MEMORY ALS applies to the availability of the underlying memory. For more information, see SLA`s memory. Availability for all Azure services is calculated on a monthly billing cycle. Click here to download SLA for most Microsoft Azure services.

You can find the ALS for Active Directory here. You can also hear the operating time, expressed in “nine” — four nine or five new ones. Four nines is 99.99 per cent, five nine 99,999 per cent, etc. The SLA for Azure VMs guarantees three operating times of nine for a single instance, or 99.9 per cent. Azure`s SLAs also guarantee availability in proportions other than the nine, ensuring 99.95% connectivity. This service level agreement for Microsoft Online Services (this “SLA”) is part of your Microsoft volume license agreement (the “agreement”). The basic terms that are used in this ALS but are not defined have the meaning assigned to you in the agreement. This ALS applies to microsoft online services (a “service” or “services” listed below), but does not apply to separate services that are related to or related to services, or to local software that is part of a service. However, if two or more virtual machines are provided in an availability game, guaranteed connectivity for at least one instance is increased to 99.95 percent. When VMs are provided in two or more areas of availability, guaranteed connectivity rises again to 99.99 percent. By providing instances in different availability areas, expected downtime will be reduced by a factor of 10. If availability is a major concern, availability zones is the key to minimizing downtime and service interruptions.

As always, there is a trade-off between costs and availability: it may not be cost-effective to provide less infrastructure in the availability areas, whereas for applications that support the company`s main turnover, downtime of one hour per month could be extremely expensive.