27 Sep 2016

Business Card Best Practices

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As a member of a Chamber of Commerce and several other networking groups, I get a lot of business cards across my desk. I have a huge pet peeve when it comes these cards … lack of information. So many business owners put their logo, company name, name and contact info, but don’t tell me what they do. So by the time I get home and sort through several dozen cards, I may not remember what they told me. Those are the cards I throw away because I’ll never remember what products or services they offer. That means they’ve lost me and all my contacts and connections as a possible client.

It is so easy to add a simple description of your business. For example, my cards say simply … Wolfe Creative: Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Web Design. Anyone who grabs my cards knows exactly what I do. Along with a 30-second commercial of your business, it is also a good idea to come up with a few easy words to describe your business for networking events as well. Use the quick few words and your business card to introduce yourself and if asked for more information, give them your 30-second commercial. Be sure to reciprocate, because you never know when a person might be a great strategic partner or future client for you.

While we are on the topic of 30-second commercials – do try to make them interesting. I often tell people my job is to read minds, because so many people tell me they have an idea for a logo, their website copy, or whatever in their head, but can’t get it down on paper. Well, my job is to pull those ideas out into the light of day and make them reality.

Here are some things to remember when designing a business card:
– It shouldn’t be too cluttered, leave lots of white space.
– Be sure to include your name and contact information.
– Add your logo and your brief description.
– The front of the card can be glossy, but the back should not be glossy and have some white space for people to write on.

Follow these simple rules and you can’t go wrong when presenting your card and your business to potential clients or at networking events.