Graphic Design

Design Dreams!

Do you have an image in your head of what you want your company logo, business cards or brochures to look like, but can’t find the talent to help you make it a reality? Wolfe Creative can help! With years of graphic design experience, Wolfe Creative has worked with many companies to create all kinds of collateral printed materials, magazines, brochures, business cards and logos. Let us help you create your vision for the future!

Here’s just one thing to think about when creating an attractive design. People’s reaction to color is almost instantaneous and has a profound impact on the choices they make every day. Because of this, the color of your marketing materials can have a dramatic impact on your clients.

We are all are programmed to respond to color. The subliminal messages we get from color shape our thoughts. As humans, our very survival is hung on the identification of color. We stop our cars for red lights and go on green, we look at the color of certain plants and animals to determine whether or not they are safe for us to eat or touch. The bottom line is that color is a very important part of our daily lives. It’s important for you to use color appropriately and understand the meaning behind the colors you choose to reach out and touch the clients you are hoping to attract.

Click on the links below to see some graphic design samples: