12 Apr 2021

Storage Tank Lease Agreement

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As part of this offer, PEI intends to provide services stored under this offer and the lease-sale of crude oil tanks and its schedules in Schedule A (the “agreement”) below, section 2.1 (“crude oil”). The premises (as defined in the propane storage station, from and between the company as a lessor and Heritage Operating LP d/b/a EnergyNorth Propan, as a tenant, dated December 1, 2005, for the real estate of Caldwell Drive, Amherst, New Hampshire; as amended by First Amendment to Proppane Storage Lease Tank of December 1, 2008, he is subject to a right of first refusal in favour of Heritage Operating LP d/b/a Energy ProNorpan. The general partner does not acquire any assets in the name of the partnership from a partner, unless these assets are required (i) by the partnership for his company and (ii) the terms of acquisition are no less favourable to the partnership than would be available by unrelated third parties, B) these assets are acquired in accordance with the Ground Lease or Storage Station (C) unless the transaction is approved by a limited partner Supermajo.