04 May 2012

Lately, the big search engines like Google are giving more and more weight to websites with relevant copy. That means that the more relevant copy you have on your website, the higher you are likely to rise in the rankings and the more likely clients are to find you. Relevant copy by definition means that it must relate to your business. If you are a pool cleaner, tips on keeping a pool from turning green are relevant, while the latest baseball scores are not.

Most people flinch when you start talking about blogging. They start thinking about how painful it was to write those English papers back in school. But blogging doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, its actually pretty easy. Every business owner offers tips to their clients every day … day after day. Those tips make great blog content and should be so ingrained in your memory that getting them down on paper or the computer should be relatively easy. And blogs don’t have to be long! A paragraph or two is just fine if the content is relevant to your website and the products and services you offer.

Another way to create great blogs is to comment on an article in a local or national newspaper that ties in with your business. Write a paragraph or two about your thoughts on the article and then give your readers a link so they can read it for themselves.

Testimonials from happy clients or customers also make great blog content, plus its a great way for prospective clients to read real stories from real people about your products and services.

Some people say they don’t feel creative very often. I tell all my clients when that they do feel creative, they should sit down and brainstorm ideas for blogs … anything and everything that comes to mind. Then, the next time they are feeling creative, they pull out the list and get started.

Most blog programs allow you to schedule your blogs. So if you have a creative spells and get four blogs done, then they can be schedule one per week for the next month and you don’t have to worry about it again til next month!

So stop being afraid and get started blogging!