17 May 2017

Why Re-Brand Your Business?

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On average, organizations and brands change their corporate identities once every seven to ten years. This often involves updating or completely changing logos, updating to more modern color palettes, changing photographic and video styles and more. It can even mean a name change for the organization, although that is rare.

Here are some of the main reasons to re-brand:
1. Mergers, Acquisitions or Demergers
2. Repositioning
3. Going International
4. Changing Markets
5. Launching New Products

But the most common reason to rebrand is because you have an outdated Image.

Trends mean that over time brands come across as old-fashioned if they have not been updated. Although in many cases it is not the main reason, a more modern image is often one of the motivations behind a rebranding project.

Old fashioned marketing often implies to clients that you are unprofessional or out of touch with their needs.

So how do you start?

The first step is to figure out what you new identity is. Start by asking yourself these questions.
• What makes you meaningful, honest and different from all the other guys in the industry?
• What is in it for your clients to buy/work with you?
• What message do you want clients to come away with?

Keep in mind whatever you create should be as simple and memorable as possible.

Create a new look for your logo. It can be a complete departure from your old logo, or it can just be updated.

Then take your message and your new logo and re-brand all your marketing materials, from your business cards to website, social media to packaging and everything in between.